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The biggest reason people don’t ever find their way to somewhere different is because they believe they need to know their destination before they even begin.

However, their thoughts and actions should not be focused on where they will end up, but on the desire to no longer be where they are now.

Too often, people become a slave to the blueprint someone else drew up for them and in their minds, they believe they cannot change them. Most often, reality is quite different. Every plan will need some “tweeking” along the way. People become prisoners of their own unwillingness to escape their own dungeons, never trusting the process of evolving and letting that guide them instead.

The development of allowing one’s self can be full of uncertainty and is bound to be fearful at times. Having said that, it is important to have trust in the activities you will be asked to complete throughout your sessions. Doing so will be the only way you can truly appreciate who you become.