Got your MOXIE on?

This post is going to be probably very short, but with a big message. Rock will tell me she has her MOJO back and I believe her when she talks about where she was, where she is, and where she wants to be. I love that she is so there. I was reading a book this week and saw the word, “MOXIE” and could not wait to write about it. I love that word – how fun does that sound when people ask you how you are or how your day is going and you reply, “I’ve got my MOXIE on!” Moxie is not a word you can use in an everyday sentence without getting people excited. They will believe you when you say it. But the key is that you have to believe it in order for others to believe it. Isn’t it just fun to say, “moxie?” Totally love it! Everyday, find a way to share your MOXIE with others – it is easy and will make everyone smile! Go on…get your MOXIE on!!

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