Wake up call!

So, I am driving home for lunch for a few minutes ago and have a green light and am slowly making my way across the intersection and out of no where comes this little black SUV going about 45 mph across the same intersection. She never braked or slowed down or nothing. I slammed on my brakes and avoided the collision. I am still shaking. As I sit here processing how quickly my life could have just changed, I am paying attention. That was a HUGE wakeup call and I have not received one in a while. There are a lot of other crazy things going on right now in my life and once less thing would be a blessing, especially if it involves anything to do with fixing cars, possible medical treatment, etc. If anything, I am more and more confident that I cannot miss a thing in this life and time I have been granted. I once told someone that a very important event to her was something that I would not have missed for anything. But life isn’t just one event…it is a series of events, and I don’t want to miss a single one. As I recollect what could have happened, it makes me sad that my life could have been so different 15 minutes ago had I been the next car in line…if I had not seen the car coming down the hill…if I didn’t have time to brake. If I…If I…No more if I. This is what is important and I don’t want to miss it. Take advantage of everything that you can…keep looking for all that you seek…Rule 22…Because at any time, without warning, you could be propelled into a new reality,what is before you, and how your life can change instantly. We are in our deepest sleep just before the alarm wakes us. We might have to start sleeping with one eye open. That might have been what saved me today. Maybe it was something (or someone else).

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